Real Estate Legal Forms

Real Estate Legal Forms have been offered on this website from the beginning of this century.

We decided to only provide Free, Plus Low-Cost Forms relating to Real Estate and not provide any other types of Legal Forms. By specializing in this one area, we can provide the finest and most up to date official forms available anywhere.

Years ago many real estate transactions were not in writing. Landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, made Real Estate Agreements by accepting the others word as a solemn promise.

Today it is a little different. Although there are some simple agreements and contracts that can be verbal and still be legal, it is advised to avoid the use of any agreement or contract that is not in writing. Appropriately worded legal documents should provide protection for all parties involved and spell out the rights and obligations of each.

A legal situation may arise that is simple and require the creation of an informal document to convey requirements and stipulations of the parties involved. Anyone with a little knowledge and a few instructions can prepare such a document. However, Can you tell the difference between what is legal and what is not?

Signing Real Estate Forms

We believe that most legal documents prepared by attorneys are for most of us difficult to understand.

It is our contention that when preparing legal documents, simplicity, and straightforward verbiage should be the entire theme.

The majority of our forms will be appropriate for the vast majority of users. However, sometimes an unusual or complicated legal situation will arise. If you encounter such a situation, the advice of a competent attorney is highly recommended. However, you can save a lot of money by obtaining a valid form from this website and subsequently paying an attorney to proofread it. The cost of an attorney’s time for this type of service would be minimal compared to the cost of preparing an entire document with 2 or 3 office visits.

The desire to find useful forms which provide personal protection, prevent misunderstandings and avoid liabilities can sometimes be overwhelming. Our goal is to help in that quest. Kaktus Productions provides access to most Forms needed by landlords, tenants and property owners. We hope your search is over.

All of our REAL ESTATE LEGAL FORMS are available immediately for downloaded in three different types of format, Text, MS Word or PDF. Unlike other sites that just provide a blank Document, we offer something a little different. You will have the option to fill out your completed forms online and then print and save it to your computer for later editing and printing. If you decide to take advantage of the program capabilities, one click of the mouse will allow you to customize your form by adding or removing paragraphs that do or do not apply to your particular situation.

Of course, for those of you that are in a real hurry, We do provide a blank form with all of the legal mumbo-jumbo ready for a quick download. Have you ever visited a site and spent so much time trying to figure out what they want you to do that you forgot why you were there.

We are sure that you will find our site easy to navigate since we are firm believers in the “KISS” ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) system. We provide a User-Friendly procedure, allowing you to know what page you are on and what is happening all along the way.