For Sale By Owner – Initiative And Confidence Can Make It Happen

By: Matthew Soucie

In today’s real estate market you do not have a lot of choices when it comes to selling a house. You can either call a realtor or do it the For Sale By Owner way. The problem selling a home with a realtor is that the average commissions they receive from your sale is six percent. With the average national selling price of a home being $225,000, that’s $13,500 a realtor will take from the selling price of your home. The profit you stand to make is not as high selling this way.

The For Sale By Owner way, however can make you lots more. Yes it’s true that you will have to do the work yourself but don’t despair. Most people think that when it comes to the paperwork part they need a realtor. Not true! What every person should have is an attorney. An attorney will be able to fill out all necessary forms and make sure everything happens legally. They took years of schooling to do this and other legal issues. Now that the paperwork is taken care of what’s stopping you? Usually selling by owner involves putting an ad in the local newspapers and a sign in front of your home. This can all be done for less than $100. That’s a lot less than paying six percent to a realtor.

There are several other options out there that can help you sell by owner too! The internet is a wonderful place to find information on any topic. There are many For Sale By Owner websites that offer help in selling a home. Think of it as additional advertisement. Most do charge a fee, but if you sell your home it is probably worth it. Not only can you get additional exposure with the internet but you can get home selling tips as well. Just try it. The internet offers tons of free information that helps people sell the For Sale By Owner way! You can find everything from tips on cleaning your house to market values in your area. By using any additional information or means of exposure you can and will increase your selling potential. There is nothing out there that can guarantee that you will sell your home but by taking advantage of the internet can definitely help.

Something that you should keep in mind is that over and over you will hear you’ll never sell your house on your own. The reason that you hear this so much is most people don’t take the initiative to really try and sell on their own. It’s easier to use a realtor! It’s also a lot more expensive! No matter on how you eventually sell your home, it doesn’t hurt to try to sell it yourself first. Who knows, if you follow the right steps you could very well sell it faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Don’t fall for the “I have to use a realtor or I won’t sell my house” trap. do some research and you will see it is possible to sell by owner.

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