Lease Amendment

LEASE AMENDMENT is necessary, should you wish to change an existing lease.

Lease Amendment

This form can also be used to add or subtract tenants from the lease. For example, suppose an existing tenant is relocating midway through the lease, and she or he finds a new renter for the property.
You can use the LEASE AMENDMENT to replace the existing occupant with a new tenant. You may charge a fee for the lease amendment, require an additional security deposit from the new tenant, and/or change the monthly rent.

You can also use the LEASE AMENDMENT form to add a new tenant when an existing tenant marries or wants a roommate. Similarly, if a resident divorces or ends a roommate arrangement, you can use the form to remove the departing tenant from the lease.

Suppose dogs were not allowed when the landlord and the tenant signed the original lease, but five months into the lease, the tenant asks the landlord to make an exception.
If the tenant pays the rent on time every month and keeps the property clean, the landlord may decide to amend the lease to allow a dog.
In the amendment, specific rules or conditions may mention the number of pets allowed, weight limits and breed exclusions.
A pet fee and/or a raise in rent to include a monthly fee for the dog may also be included. Putting the amendment in writing helps avoid future misunderstandings between the landlord and the tenant.

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