Office Lease

An OFFICE LEASE agreement is necessary if you are about to lease – or lease out – office space.

Office Lease

Be sure the entire agreement is in writing. Handshakes and " Gentleman’s agreements" are the stuff of nostalgia, wonderful to think of, but not workable in today’s world.

The OFFICE LEASE Agreement, which you can download from this site, will prevent unpleasant misunderstandings, disagreements, and even lawsuits.
The agreement clarifies the position of both parties and sets forth the rights and obligations of each.

The terms of the lease may be changed with mutual agreement, but all changes must be in writing to be valid and enforceable.

The OFFICE LEASE Agreement sets forth the names and addresses of both parties, and the address of the rental property. The lease must also include the dollar amount of rent and the date on which it is due.

The agreement then explains the duties of the tenant to maintain his or her premises in good repair as well as to pay rent and utility payments on time.
A grace period may be entered into the document at your discretion, after which the landlord may seek legal remedies.

The duties of the landlord are also outlined. While this can be changed, duties usually include maintenance of the exterior, the common areas of the building, and plumbing and heating systems.
The landlord agrees, in writing, to make timely repairs as needed, and to avoid inconvenience to tenants if at all possible.

In addition to a security deposit, the tenant may agree to pledge all furniture, business fixtures, and inventory to the landlord to be used as security.
The pledge allows the landlord to take and dispose of such property in the event the tenant leaves without notice, leaving property behind.
Without this clause, the landlord could be subject to removal and storage of such items while attempting to locate the vanished tenant.

The OFFICE LEASE Agreement also outlines remedies in the case of damage by fire or storm. The document also clarifies the tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment of the premises so long as all terms of the agreement are being upheld.

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