Rental Agreement Week to Week

Are you potential tenant considering renting on a week-to-week basis?

Week-Week Rental Agreement

Perhaps you are a Landlord and are considering offering your property for rent on a temporary basis.

If you have the time to deal with people constantly moving in and out it is a good way to increase rental income on your property.
People will pay almost as much per week for a good short-term rental as they will for a whole month under a long term lease. For them it is a convenience.

If you own a small rooming house, motel or hotel you have probably already discovered that a WEEK-TO-WEEK RENTAL AGREEMENT is a good way to keep the rooms filled. This idea allows you to spend less on daily cleaning service.
Weekly tenants don’t expect complete maid service daily.

Your tenants might be people new to the area who are searching for a home. Perhaps the potential tenant may recently have sold a home and have not yet purchased a new one. Sometimes people have jobs that require moves them from city to city.
If you live in a recreational area, your tenants may be vacationers. None of these people want to be bound by a long-term lease.

A short term rental requires payment prior to move-in, and subsequent payments will not be an issue. However, you still need a RENTAL AGREEMENT.
Making sure that you and the tenants have a complete understanding, in writing, can prevent future problems.

The WEEK-TO-WEEK RENTAL AGREEMENT spells out the dollar amount of rent, the specific dates of the tenancy and provides for the collection of a damage deposit.
At the same time, it puts tenants on notice that they are expected to leave the premises in the same condition as when they moved in.

Since weekly tenants aren’t going to bring all their furniture and household goods, you as the property owner will probably furnish some items that would be considered personal.
Cooking utensils and linens, for instance. Be sure to fill out the section of the agreement that lists what you are furnishing. You and the tenant should go over these items both at move-in and move-out.

Rental Agreement Week to Week…..
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