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Use this form if your situation fits within the following definition:

A lease or tenancy pertaining to residential real estate is the right to use and/or occupy real property provided by a lessor ( landlord, owner, corporation ) to another person or entity (usually called the lessee or tenant). The lessee or tenant obtains exclusive possession of the property in return for paying the lessor a fixed or determinable consideration (lease or rental payment). The amount of rent, address of the property, starting date, ending date, and any other stipulations agreed upon by the two parties are compiled and entered into a document called the "Residential Lease Agreement".

It is a common practice for a lease period to be one year or more.
The agreement restricts both parties from changing any of the terms during the entire lease period. The document must be in writing to be legal enforceable.

Keep in mind that there is no formal absolute rent/lease agreement type of document. Any stipulation, rules or terms that both parties agree upon is valid and may be included within the agreement as long as these terms are lawful, and the intent is to form a legally binding relationship.

The results of negotiations between the lessor ( landlord, owner ) and the potential tenant usually determines the final agreement. However, all Residential Lease Agreements must contain certain basic elements.

The lease commencement and expiration date must be stated. The names of all parties involved must be included. The lease amount is usually stated in terms of the monthly rent payable at a certain period and a certain place. The property address must be included. The complete detail of all deposits including their disposition must be stated. For example, Is a Cleaning Deposit refundable at the end of the lease? Is a pet deposit refundable? Will the tenant receive interest on their security deposit. Confirmation of all stipulations must be acknowledged by both parties by signing and dating the agreement.

Don’t be mislead by all the free and cheap real estate forms available on the Internet. Most are not worth your time or effort and will ultimately get you in trouble. Our Simple Residential Lease Form will contain all the legal language and protection you need. Yes, you read that line correct "Simple" being the operative word. If you press the box image to your left, you will move on to the next page and read all about our User-Friendly process for obtaining this form.

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