Vacate Notice

NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE is a form that the renter must provide to the Landlord

You must give notice as soon as you know that you will be moving out at the end of your lease

Notice to Vacate

If you intend to leave a rental property, you must give the required amount of notice to your landlord (usually 30 days).
Check your lease to see how much notice is necessary. Usually you can send in your notice mid-term, but some leases require tenants to give notice on the day rent is due so you will be moving out at the end of a full rental period. This means that if rent is due on the first but you decide on the second that you want to move, you will have to wait until the first of the next month to give notice.

If you mail the form, be sure to take into account the time your notice will spend in the mail. You may want to contact the landlord after he or she has had time to receive the notice and make sure you both agree on which day will be your last.

If you deliver your NOTICE TO VACATE and then change your mind, you will have to move anyway unless the landlord hasn’t rented your unit and allows you to stay.
If the unit has already been rented and you refuse to move, you could be held responsible for the new tenant’s temporary housing costs incurred while the landlord evicts you or the new tenant
finds another place to live. You could also be held liable for the landlord’s expenses that are associated with your anticipated departure, such as advertisements, applicant screening costs, and time spent showing your house or apartment.

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