Why Do You Need My Email Address ?

If we allow anyone to access our server and download forms, we face the possibility of an unscrupulous attack by a spammer or cracker.

Everyone knows what a spammer is, but, if the term “cracker” is new to you, here is a brief explanation. A cracker, which should not be confused with the term hacker is someone that enjoys breaking things. The basic difference between a cracker and a hacker is this:
Hackers build things; crackers break them. Unfortunately, many journalists and writers have been fooled into using the word “hacker” to describe crackers.

Therefore, we need to protect our servers. Since the bad guys will not use a real email address, we are cutting down on the odds of an attack by asking for a real email address.

I know you think that this is all well and good from the companies point of view, but, what about me. In other words, if I provide my email address to RealestateLegalForms.com, what assurance do I have that you will not send me junk email and/or place my name and address on some obscure list.

We promise you that this will never happen. We only use yours Email address in the following manner. It helps us decide which Forms are frequently accessed and which are not. In addition, we will be able to inform you about new forms that are added.

You don’t want to take any risks and we don’t blame you.

  1. You have our pledge that we will not sell or give your
    personal information to any other party without your permission.
  2. We only send email to you if you have elected to receive it.
  3. All email sent to you will have a link to remove your information immediately from our database.
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